Snow Day…A Day for Writing

Good Morning my Lovelies!

It is a very cold and snowy day here in Texas. Now, let me tell you a little about my part of TX and snow. We don’t get snow! So when we do our world shuts down. It is currently 5 degrees out there and everything is covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. I love seeing the little footprints from the birds and the squirrels. I am hoping my little squirrel friend is safe and warm. I befriended him during a period of quarantine during the Christmas season. Since I was home for 3.5 weeks we grew to know one another and he began to trust me enough to get a little closer every day. One day he allowed me to catch a close up picture of him sitting in a small tree next to my house. He was preoccupied eating an acorn he had found in my yard. Now I just need a name for him. Right now he is simply squirrel. So give me your name suggestions. I am hoping that I will catch a glimpse of him and be able to get a fun picture of him playing in the snow over the next couple of days.

Today I will enjoy the blanket of snow and prepare letters to go out to my new friends. It has been fun to receive these first letters and introductions. I have been surprised by how much we have in common so far. Especially our love of reading! One of my favorite things to do is to share a good book with a friend. To be able to get lost in a story and then come back and share our experiences and feelings and sometimes life changing moments with someone is the best part of sharing a story. So today I will cuddle up under a warm blanket and put pen to paper and write to my friends.

One of the experiences I have loved with PenPalooza is not only the friendships I am creating through the mail but the new friendships I have created online. Because of #PenPalooza I get to catch glimpses of people online who are getting to experience the same moments of joy and growing friendships as myself. People I would have never found with out the #. Who would have ever thought that a symbol as simple as # would bring a group of people together to share the experience of writing letters. I thank the lovely woman who thought to start this. I hope to gain her permission one day to properly thank her through this medium or even better, write her a proper thank you card. I know through her postings that she is amazed at the response to her simple yet so meaningful #.

Who would have ever thought the lost art of letter writing would one day be found again in the middle of a pandemic? I not only have enjoyed sending letters to my new Pen Pals but also getting back to sending cards for birthdays and holidays. Ok funny story. I decided to send out cards to my family for Valentine’s Day. And of course you can not celebrate the day without a piece of chocolate. So being the nice and wonderful person that I am I enclosed a small piece of chocolate for my family members to enjoy. A few days after sending the letters through the post I get a call from my sister asking me if I sent her a “package” through the mail. No, no packages, why do you ask? Well, she got a note in her post box that the post office was holding a letter for her POSTAGE DUE! My simple Happy Valentine’s Day card has now cost her an additional $3.50 to receive! But she did enjoy her pieces of chocolate. 🙂 Lesson learned, if you add to the weight of a card going out don’t forget to add the extra postage. I will need to keep this in mind as I begin to send fund little pieces of Texas to my new found Pen Pal friends.

For now my friends keep the up the happy simple days of writing to a friend. Send a card to say hello to someone out there in the world. You never know who you will meet or the smile you will bring to a friend you already have.




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