“I Heard You Paint Houses” A Book Review

I Heard You Paint Houses by Charles Brandt

This was the first book I have ever read about the mafia and I couldn’t have picked a better book to start with.
Brandt has done an amazing job in the telling of the Irishman’s life. From his time in the military to the great unravelling of the Hoffa mystery. The trust that was built between Sheeran and Brandt is what makes this book the gem that it is. There is a picture of Brandt and Sheeran within the pages that shows just how trusting Sheeran is of Brandt. They are seated at a table, Brandt leaning in close to hear the soft spoken words of a great secret that Sheeran is sharing. I love this picture for so many reasons. Without the trust that Brandt built with Sheeran this book would have never existed.

In addition to the original text there are several updates that have been made. So don’t stop reading! The additions to the original text are stories that could not be told during the time of first publication since the parties that were involved were still among the living. I look forward to checking on future updates and conclusions to previously printed editions. I can only imagine the untold stories that are still out there waiting to be told.
Now I can finally watch the movie, “The Irishman”. My rule of thumb is to always read the book first.

*UPDATE* Everyone who I have spoken with had so many negative things to say about the movie, “The Irishman”. Of course these were friends who had not read the book. While the movie is extremely long, I loved it! But I also knew the stories that were taking place behind what you were seeing in the film. I also had an understanding of the relationship between the story teller and the author. What you see on screen in only a tiny piece of what you get from the actual text. So here is my recommendation, read the book and watch the movie again. I really believe this is one of those movies that has some required reading to make the movie come to life.



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