1 Year Ago Today…

One year ago today our world “officially” changed. One year ago today my daughters began a journey in home schooling that I thought would only last a short time. One year ago today I was busy finding ways for my youngest to continue her education while our school systems rushed to do the same. One year ago today zoom was not a part of my daughter’s vocabulary. One year ago today my oldest daughter had to learn to navigate college from her bedroom. One year ago today my daughters began a journey. And today that journey continues.

It hardly seems possible that it has ONLY been one year. Zoom and Canvas are now words we use daily. Today my daughters know the routine, log on, take attendance, find the class modules and assignments for the day, log in to zooms and try like hell to not give up.

I know this last year has been anything but easy for anyone. Our WORLD changed. Our LIVES changed. Our HOMES changed. Our ROLES changed.

However, I see some light. It is there in the distance. One day my daughters will look back on this year. I don’t k now what they will see and want to remember. What I see is the strength that my children have shown. What I see is the friendship and love between them grow into something I hope they will cherish forever. What I see is the hard work they do every day. What I feel is my love and admiration for them as they have made this journey of growing up in a pandemic.

I love you M & L! I am so unbelievably proud of both of you. There have been bumps and bruises, happiness and sadness, anger and joy. But most of all there has been my unending love for both of you.

One day I will get to take that first day of school picture, and YES my girls it will get posted. It may even get framed and hung on the wall.

Much Love and Tootles ~~~~ Mom~~~


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