A Bit of Unpacking

Hello my lovely #Penpalooza Family!

Well it has definitely been a while. And so to not have to write the same letter over and over (because there are better things to write about) I thought I would make one big post to my blog to let everyone know where I have been and what I have been doing.

First of all everything is much better today than it has been over the past month or so. I am good and in a good place once again.

Ok so here we go….the short of it is I needed to do some major mental unpacking. I am one of those wonderful personality types that likes to take all the worry, stress and other not so fun emotional stuff and pack them away neatly in the storage unit that is my brain. Well as we all know, this is not the healthiest way to manage life, but in my own defense there were much greater things that needed my attention right away and I knew that I would one day take my own mental boxes out of the attic and deal with them. Which leads us to the last couple of months. It was time. The emotional boxes were stacked high and my brain had simply run out of storage space so I took the break I desperately needed to unpack each emotional box, one by one, and face what needed facing and throw away what wasn’t necessary any more.

I took time to schedule extra zoom calls with my wonderful counselor who helped me through the unpacking. I learned through this that I had been storing up some of these things since the pandemic started. So 2+ years of emotions and stress came spilling out. I faced each one and moved on. No more repacking and storing for later. Many of the things I had stored away no longer bothered me so I checked those things off the list and moved on. Others I just had to come face to face with and deal with them. Throughout my journey I reminded myself again that boxing these things up is not healthy and even though I know myself well enough to know that I will probably have a few boxes scattered around my brain attic the majority of them I just need to process and move forward.

So here we are today. Still processing a few emotions that are hanging around but for the most part my brain attic is a much nicer and brighter place to visit 🙂

Now it’s time to get back to everything that I love to do. I have so many lovely letters that I am looking forward to writing and sending (oh and I have a stack of letters on my desk that I had already written but just never made it to the post box. so some of you may receive an envelope full of letters and post cards that I had written along the way, plus a current letter with all the fun things that I have been able to do over the last couple of weeks).

As I have been going through some of my unopened mail I found a couple of quotes that I just love and have now hung on my mirror for me to see every day.

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow, so Today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.” ~Dalai Lama

“Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it” ~C. Assaad

I am back and ready to write and share with you all the absolutely wonderful time I had at iniebookstore day, first dance performance for the youngest and the big upcoming graduation for the oldest! Fun things are all around me and I am so happy I took the time to get all the unpacking done so I can sit back and enjoy what is on the path ahead of me.

Much love my #Penpalooza Family!!!!!

XOXO Jennifer

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