‘The Loophole’ by Naz Kutub

The Loophole

I received this wonderful ARC from my indie bookstore, originally given to me to pass along to my kiddos, however, I just had to read it first 🙂
This is a wonderful story filled with adventure and for what our main character Syeed is searching for what he believes he wants but learns and grows throughout his adventure to find what he didn’t know he was looking for all along. Syeed finds everything he was running from is what he wanted more than anything he could ever wish for. Standing next to Syeed is Reggie. Oh Reggie how I love you! You are the light that brings this world into focus. I love your spirit, your love of life and adventure, but most of all your dedication.
“This YA debut is equal parts brokenhearted love story, epic myth retelling and a wold -journey romp to find home.” Yes this story will take you places you have never been before, teach you the lessons you thought you understood in life and give you the courage to live for what your heart desires most.
Thank you Naz Kutub for the wonderful journey your writing has taken me on.


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