Welcome to My Little Corner of the World

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to what I hope will be a place for me to capture all the wonderful yet crazy thoughts and dreams that float through my head on a daily basis.

I originally created this blog a few years ago to give my thoughts and reviews on books that I have read. That was the only purpose of the blog. I grew tired and bored of it pretty quick (in reality my ADD got bored and found something new and shiny and sparkly). But now, in the midst of the pandemic that we all find ourselves in I have been journaling and writing and reading and connecting with people from around the world. I love these connections and wanted to not only document them for myself but share my experiences with anyone who is crazy enough to read my ramblings.

Ok, so now what is PenPalooza? One day while scrolling through Twitter I happened upon a post that mentioned signing up for Pen-Pals. I thought how cute! Liked the post and took a screen shot to remind myself to go back to it later when I had time to read more about it. A few days later, I happen upon another post about PenPalooza and thought ok this is a sign! I need to look into this NOW before something sparkly catches my eye. I replied to the post that I would be interested in having a Pen-Pal and really thought nothing more would come of it. Oh Boy Was I Wrong! I am now the proud Pen-Pal of 5 lovely women. I quickly gathered addresses, ran to my local store and bought a brand new box of cards and quickly wrote a short note to each one letting them know how excited I was to start this journey with them. First step was done. Then came the anxious wait to see if my mail carrier would deliver replies. And how excited I was when I received my first letter through the mail. Now the journey was taking off. I was making a connection with someone whom I have never met or spoken with. I was creating a bond! And that my friends is the beauty I have found with PenPalooza.

BOND! I wanted to share this experience with a wider audience. I believe the times that we are living in has created a world of isolation that none of us ever expected to find ourselves in. Now, don’t get me wrong, of course I have my circle of family and friends but we live in our bubbles. We have been forced to create and live in these safe bubbles. And yes, even with our circles of family and friends, not being a part of the world at large creates a whole new sense of loneliness. I am one of the lucky ones that has been able to leave my house everyday through out the pandemic and go to work. However, taking pen to paper and making a connection with someone outside of my bubble has brought joy to my heart. I love going to the corner of my driveway, opening the post and finding the treasures of the written word coming my way. I love reading each word that has been written and finding new connections that bring us closer together. But most of all, I love that I get to sit quietly and write a letter in return. To share a piece of myself with a new friend.

And so we now find ourselves here. My little corner of the world that is growing with each letter that comes in the post.

I want to share my experiences and my words with others. I want to create new bonds. So, in the PenPalooza link you will find my experiences, thoughts, and all the feels that I get with Pen-Pals. My hope is that if you are finding yourself in that state of loneliness like I did, you will reach out to a friend, old or new, and create the bond of friendship through the written word. We need all the support we can get.

Now the Book Blog. I love to read! I love to share my thoughts on books. I will read just about anything you put in front of me (except romance books, tried but just not my cup of tea). The reviews I give on books and articles that I read are solely my own. When I review a book I refuse to give spoilers. If you want to know what the book is about that is not what I write. When I write a review I focus on how a book, short story or article has made me feel. When I read I want to feel something. If I don’t feel anything for the characters or subject that is on the pages I have a very hard time making it to the last page. With that being said I hope you will take a peek at my reviews as I post them. For my author friends, yes I will read and give private reviews if requested. Just shoot me a message and we will connect.

So that my friends is where we find ourselves today. The bubble I have lived in for the past year is quickly growing with new friends and new experiences that I am eager to share with anyone who is willing to listen.

Tootles my lovely friends!



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