Good Afternoon my Lovelies!

I have hesitated writing a full blog post dedicated to the crazy weather we have had here in my part of Texas. However, once I began to think about it I thought this wasn’t just one for my personal journal but a journey I wanted to share with my fellow readers and friends.

While I must admit we have not had it nearly as bad as many of my friends and family have had it, we still have had our share of minor irritations.

We are currently under a boil water notice. I never knew how much water my pups drank until I had to keep a constant supply of water at the ready for them. Thankfully my washing machine has a sterilize setting on it so we can do some much needed laundry today. And the best news of all…..We ALL got to take SHOWERS!!!!! It has never felt so good to be clean! We have been trying to be good about conserving water and quite honestly were a little fearful of showering in “unclean” water so we chose to just sit and be gross for a few days. But we couldn’t stand it anymore and since the water pressure is back to normal we decided to take the chance. My bathroom and I smell all Bath & Body Works pretty again.

My husband and oldest daughter ventured out into the world to find bottled water and food. I know that food supplies will continue to be an issue here in Texas as many of the stores have not had deliveries due to the food trucks not being able to make it to the stores. We were able to find a 2 gallon bottle of water and some individual bottles of water as well. They also lucked out and found a large package of chicken that we can cook up on the grill and then portion it out and freeze what we don’t eat for later in the week. And yes my friends I said grill! Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean you won’t find us out there in the freezing temps to get the grill going!

But the blessings are we still have power and we have running water.

Earlier this week we hosted some friends who had been without power for a few days. The temps in their house were in the 30s/40s. It was fun being able to sit and visit with them since we haven’t seen them through the whole of Covid. Made me realize how much I miss my people!

So that is the physical update now on to the emotional update.

This week has been HARD!!!!!!! Seeing so many of my friends and family suffer and NOT being able to help so many of them has been tough. My panic came when my mother called from the assisted living center and said she had no running water. That worried me so much. Thankfully I had just taken her a case of water days before. So she had plenty to drink. I did have to instruct her NOT to water her plants with the water. I needed her to stay hydrated. Not being able to see her through Covid is one thing but having things go wrong and not being able to come to her rescue is even harder! Thankfully her center never lost power. I will say this, if they had lost power there is nothing that would have stopped me from going to pick her up and bring her here to stay warm.

My sister and her husband were with out power for days! It was hard to hear them being so cold, but just as they were going to make their way to their daughter’s house the electricity comes back on 🙂 Of course it did. Car packed ready to go and LIGHTS ON!

I have enjoyed watching all of my great-nieces play in the snow in videos and pictures. The joy on their faces has been the magical pick me up I needed through the days of being stuck in my house. Their mom is a former kindergarten teacher and always finds the best way to keep her kiddos entertained. You need to realize my fellow reader, that she has twin 4 year olds and a preteen…all girls! She definitely has her hands full but she always has a smile on her face. She also comes up with the BEST projects and games for her girls.

And of course there are my favorite pups. Cora (the chocolate lab) has been quite the little pest this week. If she can steal a toy from Lenny (the black lab) and destroy it she will. My poor Lenny has a couple of toy snakes he loves. Cora has decided that the toys no longer require the squeakers that are inside of them and has torn them apart to remove said squeakers making Lenny oh so very sad. But here is my funny on Lenny, he HATES getting his paws wet when it rains. However, this snow has been super fun! He will paly and play in the snow and then just lay down in it. He puzzles me but he is my boy and I love him.

I still haven’t seen my friend the squirrel so I hope he is doing ok. I can’t wait for him to come back and sit in the little tree next to my porch in the mornings so we can share our cup of coffee and stare at each other with our quiet understanding of the day ahead.

Hope all of my fellow Texans are doing well and looking forward to the warmer days in our forecast. I know I am ready to get back to normal temperatures around here!

Oh and my fellow #penpalooza friends, my letters are still in the post box in front of my house. Hopefully with things being on the thaw your letters will arrive to you soon!



P.S. Update and thoughts and prayers. I just got an email from my youngest daughter’s school system. Due to the weather we have had over the past week many of our schools have had major damage from broken water pipes. Our school system here is now shut down for in person and virtual learning through at least Tuesday. Our teachers have really been put through the wringer this past year and now for many not knowing if their classrooms are ok I am sure is worrisome. Our teachers really need our support. So if you know a teacher reach out to them and just tell them how much they mean to you and you see the very important job that they do. Ask them if they need anything. And offer your support! They love and support our children every day. The least we can do is love and support them right back!


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